Pitru Paksha 2022 Start Date And Time

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Pitru Paksha 2022- Every day of Pitru Paksha has special importance in Hinduism. It is such an auspicious occasion when people perform Pind Daan, Tarpan, and Shradh for the sake of their ancestors. This year Pitru Paksha is beginning on 10th September. The Pitru Paksha will end on 25 September with Sarva Pitru Amavasya 2022.

Pitru Paksha 2022

Pitru Paksha 2022

Dates of Shradh in Pitru Paksha

Shradh of Poornima / Shradh of Pratipada – September 10, Saturday
Dwitiya Shradh – 11 September, Sunday
Tritiya Shradh – 12 September, Monday
Chaturthi Shradh – 13 September, Tuesday
Panchami Shradh – September 14, Wednesday
Shashthi Shradh – 15 September, Thursday
Saptami Shradh – 16 September, Friday
Ashtami Shradh – 18 September, Saturday
Navami Shradh – 19 September, Sunday
Dashami Shradh – 20 September, Monday
Ekadashi Shradh – 21st September, Tuesday
Dwadashi/Shraadh of Sannyasis – 22 September, Wednesday
Trayodashi Shradh – 23 September, Thursday
Shradh of Chaturdashi – September 24, Friday
Sarva Pitru Amavasya – 25 September, Saturday

Pitru Paksha 2022 Start Date And Time

In this case, for the peace of the soul of your ancestors, you must do Tarpan, Pind Daan, or Shraddha Karma.

Pitru Paksha 2022 Start Date

Apart from this, donate to feed the needy on their behalf. The Pind Daan and Tarpan are done in Shradh Paksha and have been accepted by him.

Pitru Paksha 2022 Dates

This year the full moon date of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month is on 10th September 2022. Therefore, on this day Pitru Paksha (things related to Pitru Paksha) will begin and it will end on 25 September 2022.

Pitru Paksha 2022 Amavasya

It is said by people that during Pitru Paksha, ancestors come from Pitru Lok to Earth. The repeated appearance of fathers in dreams during Pitru Paksha.

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